Welcome to Stavassdal


The valley of Stavassdal is situated a short drive southwards from Trofors, and is easily accessible both summer and winter. The potentials for hunting and fishing are good. Together with the rich amount of berries and mushrooms, they make the area very attractive. The river Stavasselva runs through the valley which is surrounded by beautiful mountains. The tallest and most significant ones are Kvitfjellet (1248 m) and Blåfjellet (1293 m).

The history of the valley is characterized by a 200 years settlement on the farm, Stavassgården, and by the long lasting tradition of reindeer husbandry. The transport of weapons during the Second World War will for ever remain strongly connected to the area.

In summer it is only a 300 meters walk from the end of the road to the farm. In wintertime the last 6 km will not be cleared for snow, so skiis are needed. The farm has been inhabited since 1948. The original houses do not exist, but an association, Stavassdalens venner, is now rebuilding the farm. Voluntary work in combination with funds have made this possible. The main building is fully rebuilt in autumn 2007.

It is possible to rent the main building. The kitchen on the ground floor stays open for free use as long as there are no lodgers. The ground floor also consists of a living room, a hall and one small bed room. The first floor has got 3 bed rooms and one room which serves as a combined living room and bed room. There are a total number of 14 beds. Outside the house there is a big, nice fire place with timber logs to sit on. Here the environment still shows signs of an open cultivated landscape.

If you follow the path from the farm about 2 km you will reach the small lake Stavatnet. Here you will find a fire place and a lean-to. It`s 2 km from Stavatnet to Stavassetra. The site of the old summer mountain farm is now represented by a new timber cabin. This cabin is unlocked, and with its two beds there is an opportunity to stay the night.